established 2010

The BallHawk award is given to players who create and make turnovers.

BallHawks are easily recognizable by Helmet Stickers.  The title of BallHawk is earned by a points system.
5 Points   BallHawk status
Ball Hawk t-shirt and Ball Hawk helmet sticker
10 Points   BlackHawk status
Black Hawk t-shirt and Black Hawk helmet sticker

Points are given out based on the following:
3 points Interception with TD return
2 points   Caused fumble and recovery
2 points Interception in Red Zone
1 1/2 points   Interception
1 1/2 points Pass Break Up in Red Zone
1 point   Caused fumble with recovery by teammate
1 point Opponents fumble Recovery
1 point Sack
1 point 2 Blocked kicks or punts
1 point 5 Hits of the Week
1 point Pass Deflection / Tipped Pass
1 point Pass Break Up
1 point Safety
1/2 point   Caused fumble with no recovery
1/2 point Caused Bad Pass (Hands Up)
0 points Our own fumble recovery

Top 10 BALLHAWKS of all Time
1Zach Brady201937 points
 Jalen Huskey201937 points
2Rick Leonard201336.5 points
3Brian Walker201931 points
4Brad Rinehart201323 points
5Mark Evich201720 points
6Zach Domalik201719 points
 Matt Pritts201619 points
7Ethan Joseph201718.5 points
8Mitch Sgrignoli201318 points
8Will Morgan202118 points
9Peter Heon201317.5 points
 Kyle Klink201717.5 points
10Tim Schumacher201317 points
 Kyle Klink201617 points

     2022 - BallHawk Points

Liam Wilson 7 pts

Honorable Mention
Alex Hoy-3.5, Chase Main-3, Keiran Hofgesang-3, Tyler Miller-2, Ty Lawson-1.5, Cam Baker-1.5, Carson Smith-1, Stephon Stottlemyer-1, Sean Gollogly-.1, Charlie Shafer-.5, Kyle High-.5,

     2021 - BallHawk Points

Will Morgan 18 pts
Vince Flook, III 16.5 pts
Landen Summers 12.5 pts
Kieran Hofgesang 12.5 pts
Jacob Ignasiak 10.5 pts
Lawson Halsey 10 pts
Clarke Cheairs 6 pts

Honorable Mention
Dwayne Clipp-4, Liam Wilson-3, Chad Hoy-3, Sheridon-2.5, Christopher Brown-2, Alex Hoy-2, Nicholas Coleman-1.5, Blake Robertson-1, Michael Slouri-1, Luke Humble-1, Carson Smith-.5, Samuel McHugh-.5, Alec Carpenter-.5

     2020 (Spring 2021) - BallHawk Points

Conner Meyer 12 pts
Zach Brady 12 pts
Vince Flook, III 11 pts
Matthew Mancini 7 pts
Lawson Halsey 7 pts
Jacob Stitley 6 pts
Kaden Fisher 5 pts

Honorable Mention
Will Morgan-4.5, Clarke Cheairs-3.5, Jason Houck-3.5, Gage Queen-2, Drew kolega-2, Michael Soluri-2, Keith Lynott-1, Landen Summers-1

     2019 - BallHawk Points

Zach Brady 32.5 pts
Jalen Huskey 31.5 pts
Brian Walker 29 pts
Matthew Mancini 14 pts
Gage Queen 13.5 pts
Paul McHugh 13.5 pts
Mason Doody 12 pts
Colby Doreen 9 pts
Conner Meyer 8.5 pts
Lawson Halsey 8 pts
Clarke Cheairs 6.5 pts
Cole Porter 6 pts

Honorable Mention
Brandon Malko-3.5, JD Nelson-3, Brian Atkinson-3, Jacob Bolton-1, Christian Diaz-1, Braden Hoyt-0.5

     2018 - BallHawk Points

Zach Brady 11 pts
Mason Doody 11 pts
Colten McCracken 10 pts
Andrew Frizzell 7 pts
Roland Hockenbery 6 pts
JD Nelson 5 pts

Honorable Mention
Jalen Huskey-4.5, Colby Doreen-4, Gage Queen-3, Issac Summers-3, Drew Maly-3, Kris Lynott-3, Max Chumbris-3, Matthew Mancini-2.5, Brandon Malko-2, Cole Porter-2, Jaylen Dotson-1.5, Jordan Hoy-1.5, Isaiah Dowery-1

     2017 - BallHawk Points

Mark Evich 20 pts
Zach Domalik 19 pts
Ethan Joseph 18.5 pts
Kyle Klink 17.5 pts
Rolan Hockenbery 9 pts
Jaylen Dotson 8.5 pts
Chase Ganley 8 pts
Camden Farrow 6 pts
Dom Portuesi 6 pts
Taylor Bromwell 5 pts
Garrett Harman 5 pts

Honorable Mention
Brian Walker-3.5, Chad Reed-3, Issac Summers-3, Matt Evich-2.5, Reece Gentile-2.5, Brady Wolfe-2.5, Dillon Dierman-2, Robert Fulton-1, Andrew Hamilton-1, Kris Lynott-1, JD Nelson-1, Brady Rosner-1, Max Chumbris-.5, Griffin Moran-.5

     2016 - BallHawk Points

Matt Pritts 19 pts
Kyle Klink 17 pts
Andrew Wenner 11 pts
Sean Mullican 10 pts
Nick Madden 9 pts
Ethan Joseph 8 pts
Adam Bain 7 pts
Shawn Green 7.5 pts
Garrett Johnson 6 pts
Camden Farrow 5.5 pts
Tyler Clemmer 5 pts

Honorable Mention
L. Grzeskiewicz-4.5 points, Andrew Habicht-4.5 points, Kevin Long-4 points, Mark Evich-2.5 points, Kevin Lynott-2 points, Brandon Jones-2 points, Chad Reed-2 points, Matt Evich-1.5 points, Reece Gentile-1 points, Mert Gulen-1 points, Andrew Hamilton-1 points, Garrett Harman-1 points, Joe Devine-.5 points, Gabe Cartner-.5 points, Chase Ganley-.5 points, Sam Carnahan-.5 points, Stephen Miller-.5 points

     2015 - BallHawk Points

Garrett Johnson7.5 points
Matt Pritts6.5 points
KJ Bromwell5 points
Andrew Wenner5 points

     2014 - BallHawk Points

Peter Heon11.5 points
Keller Falkenstein6.5 points
Nick Welch5.5 points
Louis Prensky5 points

Honorable Mention
Alex Cartner-4.5 points, Dalton Russo-3 points, Daniel Pirrone-1.5 points, Will McClain-1.5 points, Shawn Green-1.5 points, KJ Bromwell-1.5 points, Matthew Pritts-1.5 points, Nick Forbes-1 point, Andrew Klingensmith-1 point, Will Davis-1 point, Stephan Salvador-1 point, Anthony Orsini-.5 points, Jake Ridgely-.5 points, Tyler Clemmer-.5 points

     2013 - Final BallHawk Points
Mike Madden 9 points
Justin Falcinelli 8.5 points
Tim Pirrone 6 points
Rick Leonard 36.5 points
Brad Rinehart 23 points
Mitch Sgrignoli 18 points
Peter Heon 17.5 points
Tim Schumacher 17 points
Logan Casey 16.5 points
Luke Headley 16 points
Nick Welch 15 points
Frank Meighan 13.5 points

   Honorable Mention
Cameron Post - 3.5 points, Nick Yancy - 3.5 points, Nick Forbes - 2 points, Tyler Hickey - 2 points, Will McClain - 2 points, Ben Williams - 2 points, Austin Brant - 1 point, Josue Jaurez - 1 point, Stephan Salvadori - 1 point, Alex Cartner - .5 points, Ryan Crompton - .5 points, Phil Evich - .5 points, Justin Reed - .5 points, Justin Stonestreet - .5 points

     2012 - Final BallHawk Points
Frank Meighan 7.5 points
Justin Falcinelli 7 points
Brad Rinehart 6 pts
Dave Buchanan 5.5 points
Matt Lloyd 5.5 points
Rick Leonard 16.5 pts
Sean Wenner 14 pts
Cody Martin 11.5 pts
Zach Welch 10 pts
Jacob Bolton 10 points

   Honorable Mention
Luke Headley - 4.5 points, Jack Panther - 3.5 points, Weston Barrett - 3.5 points, Blake Lincoln - 3 points, Hank Smith - 2.5 points, Logan Casey - 2 points, Ian Grife - 2 points, Tim Schumacher - 2 points, Mitch Sgrignoli - 2 points, Jason Wiles - 2 points, Parker Johnson - 1.5 point, Ben Panther - 1 point, Brian Rose - 1 point, Brandon Shaffer - 1 point, Ben Williams - 1 point, Nick Welch - .5 points

     2011 - Final BallHawk Points
Michael Pritts 9 pts
Zach Welch 8 pts
Collin Delauter 7.5 pts
Daniel GoldStein 7.5 pts
Eli Moser 7.5 pts
Cody Martin 7 pts
Justin Falcinelli 6 pts
Bradley Rinehart 6 pts
Ben Lewis 16 pts
Nate McCartney 12.5 pts
Nick Rabat 10 pts
   Honorable Mention
Parker Johnson (3.5), Jack Panther (2.5), Sean Wenner (2.5), David Buchanan (1.5), Weston Barrett (1),
Jacob Bolton
(1), Nick Riley (1), Brandon Shaffer (1), Michael Gallagher (.5), Brian Rose (.5), Austin Vershel (.5)

     2010 - Final BallHawk Points
BallHawks BlackHawks
Zach Welch - 8.5 pts
Ben Lewis - 8 pts
Hunter Lumley - 16.5 pts
Chris Pirrone - 10.5 pts
        Honorable Mention
        Nick Rabat (4.5), Jordan Denion (3.5), Ian Tolino (3.5), Mike Pritts (3.5),
        Cole Butler (3), Mike Tousignaut (3), Sam Michels (3)


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