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Useful Tools that could help Navigate the Recruiting Process for College Football
  • Create a filing system for all information recaived from different schols and coaches.
  • Set up a contact tracking systems - this will allow you to log phone contacts from college coaches.
  • Assessment Sheet - Allows you to assest different schools and their programs for academics and athletics.
  • Highlight Tapes - If a school is interested in your son they will request highlight tapes.  You can use the team game films or create you own. Remember to stick to the highlight of your son's football seasons and keep the films to three minutes or shorter.
  • Letters and Questionnaires - The initial contact from teh college coaches is usually through letters and questionnaires.  Even though the letters are generic they are useful and you need to read them all.  Complete all the questionnaires sent to your son and return.  This will get his name into the system.  The questionnaires will ask for details about your son's size, skills and accomplishments both athletically and academically.
  • Camps - Starting in the spring of your son's junior year he will receive invitations to join in college football camps.  The camps can run as one day combines (evaluation of basic skills) to a week long.  Your son should plan to attend as many as possible since this is where most of the college coaches are seeing him for the first time.  The camp cost varies depending on the duration of the camp.

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